The Benefits of Article Marketing

Have you been hearing about the benefits of content marketing, but don’t know where to begin? Though content marketing has been around for ages, it has only recently gained fame and attention! According to content marketing pioneer and expert Joe Pulizzi, “Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience - with the objective of driving profitable customer action.” (Click here to visit his content marketing blog.) There is a wide variety of methods that can be used and combined together to create a content marketing program. One piece of the content marketing puzzle is article writing. When done correctly, article writing can have an impressive impact on your marketing efforts. Here are some of the ways it can impact you. (Stay tuned for our next blog post, which will be about how to begin article writing.)

SEO Benefits

The main SEO benefit to article writing is that you can write about subjects pertaining to your Web site, and then have back links within the article that go back to your Web site. By doing this, you gain links back to your site that are relevant, and Google loves relevance! Also, a link is like a vote of popularity to Google. So writing relevant articles with links to your site provide Google with another reason to like you, and your site’s rank in the search results will be improved over time.

Additional content distribution

When you submit your articles to free article submission sites like, the articles become highly indexable with the search engines. Therefore when people are out searching the Web, and they search for the words that are included in your article, your article might come up as a result for them to click on. Once they read your article, they can click on the link you provide and will be taken wherever your link brings them (most likely to a page on your Web site). In addition, people can take your article content and publish it (with a special citation listing you as the author and also the publisher). If you have a popular article, it can be published on many Web sites, giving you exponential traffic to your site.

Article writing can be beneficial to your Web site traffic and can also be an integral part of your content marketing efforts! Stay tunes for our next post, which will be about how to get started in article marketing.

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