Doing the Right Things with Differing Opinions

I recently attended an annual meeting of an organization that deals with financial standards, and how information should be tracked and analyzed for their particular industry. It’s amazing how many different ways accounting rules can be interpreted and applied, even though there have been generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) for scores of years. One of the important things for this, and many other industries, is the ability to do comparative analysis with their peers. In order for this analysis to be meaningful, it is important that everyone be keeping records in a similar way, so they don’t end up comparing apples to oranges. So when people have differing ideas on how to do things right, it makes for interesting “discussion”.

We have similar issues within our own software products since we provide solutions to so many different kinds of industries. What works well for one company, might need to work differently for another. That raises some challenges when it comes to designing software. We are fortunate to have a wide range of knowledge within our organization, and try to make our software flexible enough to handle many complex scenarios. We often call on our customers to provide input during the design of features, and appreciate their willingness to share their knowledge, as well.

Please keep providing us with your input, and we’ll do our best to supply products that meet your needs.

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