Payroll Time Clock Software - How it can Benefit Your Business

Are you wondering whether employees are really there when they say they are? Does your payroll staff spend time re-entering hours instead of pulling them in electronically? If so, then your company may be ready to implement a time clock, and integrate it directly to your payroll software. There are several distinct benefits your company can enjoy by doing this.

Eliminate double entry.

With the implementation of a time clock, hours worked are entered directly into the time clock by the employee, eliminating the need for hand-written time cards. This can eliminate the confusion of unclear or inaccurate handwriting. When it comes time to process payroll, the time worked is pulled in electronically from the time clock, eliminating the need for somebody to re-enter hours. This not only saves a significant amount of manual work, but also ensures better accuracy.

More accurate tracking of hours worked.

Do you wonder whether employees are actually working the hours they recorded by hand? This worry can be drastically reduced or eliminated with the implementation of a time clock. There are various methods provided by time clocks to ensure the employees are actually recording their own hours and not ‘buddy punching’, a term which refers to people punching in and out for each other. There is a wide variety of clocks providing different methods of verifying time worked, such as the biometric clock, which verifies employee identity based on their actual fingerprint.

Smoother processes.

Integrating your time clock with your payroll software makes your whole payroll process faster and simpler. After all, if you have to re-enter data from the time clock into your payroll software system, you are losing out on a great deal of the benefits you were meant to have. Be sure the time clock you choose will work together with your software application; this will guarantee much faster and simpler payroll processing for all involved.

By implementing a time clock, your business can gain more accurate pay information and streamline payroll processes. Make the most of your time clock with a direct interface to your payroll software, and you’ll be on your way to a much simpler and smoother payroll processing system.

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