What Stresses You Out Most about Running Payroll?

Here at Red Wing Software, we talk to customers and prospects many times each day about payroll concerns. Every single company has different payroll issues that need to be handled in their own way. Frankly, many of our customers use Red Wing Payroll Software products to solve some of their biggest payroll issues and concerns! And when we cannot solve a payroll issue, we still do our best to help our customers handle them with our software. When prospects call us, the concerns we hear about most often include:

  • Employees working in multiple states.
  • Employees working in different departments on the same day.
  • Complex time calculations.
  • Unique deduction (and earning) tracking needs.
  • The need to solve time-consuming data entry.
  • The need to make tax filing and direct deposit more smoothly.
  • More flexible reporting with the ability to track specific information.
  • Flexible ways of paying employees.

So, what issues stress you out the most with running payroll?

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