Accounting Software - Benefits of Implementing Order Entry Software

An accounting program allows you to electronically enter, process and save orders. Typically, an order entry system is a component that works along with an accounting and/or inventory management software system. Using order entry can save a business significant time and streamline processes, when compared to using accounts receivable without order entry. Is order entry right for you? Consider the benefits of order entry, and you will get a much clearer picture of whether order entry is right for your business.

  • Know what’s available and increase order accuracy. Instead of writing orders on paper, with order entry you are entering orders right within the software system, where you are able to view item availability as the order is being entered. So instead of saying, “Just a minute, I’ll run back and see how many are available,” you’ll be saying, “There are twelve available to ship, and I can put the rest on backorder for you.” Not only does this make your customer happy, but also saves you time and extra work.
  • Create packing slips and pick tickets. Most order entry systems provide the option of printing packing slips and pick tickets when you are processing orders. The pick ticket is used for the shipping team to know what goes in the shipment, and which shelf to pull it from. The packing slip shows exactly what’s included in the shipment for the customer. Both items keep you organized, and present a professional image of you to your customers.
  • Create partial shipments, and put items on backorder. This is one feature of order entry that probably makes the biggest impact. If you are using accounts receivable, you can only enter invoices; there is no option to keep track of which items have been shipped or which ones are on backorder. Order entry keeps track of all of that information, and also allows you to ship partial orders, which maintains a high level of customer service. Retaining items on backorder also helps you remember to ship items once they arrive into stock.
  • Turn quotes into orders. The ability to create and save quotes is critical for winning more orders. Order entry allows you to create and save quotes, and then change those quotes into orders when it’s time, or even make edits to the quote and then change it into an order. This saves you significant time and also gives your customers what they need in an efficient way.

Adding order entry to your software can greatly speed up your workflow, increase accuracy and most importantly, keep your customers happy.

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