Ways to Learn Your New Accounting & Payroll Software

If you are in the market for new accounting software, you have surely considered at some point that there will be a learning commitment involved for all of the employees who will use the system or generate reports from it. Moving to any new system can be challenging, so be sure to minimize frustrations by having a training plan in place before purchasing the software. Here are the most popular training options offered by software vendors.

Classroom Training

Many software vendors will schedule and plan for classroom style training, whether at their own site or at a remote location. The benefit of live training is that you can interact with the instructor along the way, posing specific examples or requesting clarification on certain topics. Classroom training can be a very effective means of learning a new software program; however it can be hard to get away from work, and there may not be any classes near your location. For this reason, more and more software companies are offering alternative training options.

Training at Your Site

Holding training at your own facility can be extremely helpful, since all applicable employees can be in attendance, and the training is tailored to your own needs. Some software companies will send staff to your site, or they may suggest a partner who is in your area. While on-site training is an excellent option, it typically costs more than any other training option.

Online Training

With the growth of the internet came the useful addition of online software training. This type of training is excellent for those who don’t want employees away, and also for those who want employees to learn the software a little at a time instead of spending a whole day. Of course the cost of such training is also considerably less than other options.

In Program Help

In program help is available in most software programs. Just click on ‘Help’ or else simply press the F1 key (in most programs). Help topics will typically come up based on where you are within the program. This may not be the best way to learn how to use the whole program, but it certainly comes in useful when you have a question about a certain function, or want to learn how to use something new.

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