Fund Accounting – Five Tips for Managing a Better Budget

Most organizations use past history and trends to determine their budget. With a limited number of funds that are predetermined, the goal of the budget is to cover operational costs as well as plan for future capital expenditures. Without comprehensive fund accounting and payroll tools, it can be difficult to organize and manage the budget efficiently. Here are five tips on maintaining a better budget.

  1. Manage budget by department and by fund. Some programs only allow budget management by fund. However, the ability to also manage by department gives quick access to a wealth of information about each department. Being able to see budget data by department and by fund can give department heads or managers the information they need to quickly compare their actual spending to the budget.
  2. Unlimited funds. Be sure whatever system you are using allows for an unlimited number of fund accounts, ensuring that the system can still handle all of your organization’s budgeting needs. Each organization is different and you may want to add additional funds down the line.
  3. Customizable reporting. Your organization clearly wants to see your data in a way that is most useful to you - complete and accurate. With a system that you can customize, you will be able to view reports with information specific to your reporting needs.
  4. Integrated payroll. If your pay data is not integrated with your accounting data, you may not easily be able to get a clear view of your budget and where it stands. By integrating the two, you will streamline your payroll processes and pay information can accurately be viewed within financial reports.
  5. Copy budget from previous year(s). With the ability to copy and edit a budget from a previous year, you can save significant time setting up your budgets each year. You will also be more confident in your budget, knowing it was based on a budget system that had already been in place the prior year.

With the above budgeting tips, you will find the budgeting process much simpler to set up and manage!

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