Do You Need a Web Site for your Business?

Surely you are busy managing your business, and as you are chugging along, a nagging voice keeps saying, “Why don’t you have a Web site yet? You should get one. Everybody says you need one…”

I know, I know, creating a Web site can be a daunting task! But, there are some real benefits, even for the smallest businesses. Here are some reasons you DO need a Web site for your business.

  • People can find your business. Where are people going to find your business? Sure, they may look in the yellow pages or ask a friend, but let’s face it. These days people can quickly do internet searches, even from their phone when they are out driving! If your business doesn’t show up when they are searching, you just lost business. Having a Web site can help those people find you.
  • People can learn about the products and services you offer. A Web site is an excellent place to show people what your company does. Sure, you already have your company catalog but people cannot search through it at their leisure while sitting at home, drinking a cup of coffee (unless they happen to have a copy of it at their home). By listing all of your products and services on your site, customers and prospects both can learn about things they didn’t know you offered. And, this means increased sales for you.
  • People may perceive your business as old-fashioned without a Web site. I know business owners who say, “A Web site does no good for me. I get all my business from word-of-mouth advertising.” While this may be completely true, that same person doesn’t even know the business they are missing out on because they have never had a Web site. If people go searching for you on the internet by your business name and no results come up, it can leave them wondering if your business is old-fashioned or unprofessional, or even out of business. Even a simple Web site that is informative can make a big difference!

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  • Every business needs a website.  If you do not have a website you may be perceived as fraudulent or not at all serious. It is not just about where your sales leads come from.  In 2011 it is about existing as a real business.  

    When searching for a new vendor, I will always pick a business with a great website over one which does not have one or one which has an old website.

    Simply go to and search for the domain name you want.  They will tell you if it is available.  A domain name is the "businessname" part of  If the name you want is taken, they will suggest names which are available.

    However putting website content out there is not so easy.  Their Website Tonight Tool is really only a placeholder until you can put a simple site out on the web.  I have found that buying a web template (and editing it in Dreamweaver) to be the most cost effective method of simple web site development.
  • Thank you JP Systems, some great advice here.
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