New Web Site Design Live!

By Stephanie Elsen

Red Wing Software’s Web site has a new look! A new design for the site has gone live. Web site visitors should now find what they are looking for more easily with streamlined navigation and a new look.

Notable changes:


You will find access to the download button at the top of the page on its own! Once you choose downloads, you can select your product and be directed right to the download page for that product.


Training options will be listed in the top navigation, so you can easily find the training option you need for your product and desired level of learning.


Also in the top navigation will be support, where you can view information about Customer Care Plans, go directly to product How2 documentation, or learn more about personalized services.


At the top also, you can find the product information you are looking for with just a few clicks.

Customer sign-in and My Red Wing Software remain in the same location at the upper right, with a brand new look. Company and contact information will be found at the bottom of the page. We believe the new design and navigational changes will help site users find what they are looking for much more quickly and easily!

Questions or comments about the new site design can be directed to:

New website design

Your Ideas: We Use Them!

By Stephanie Elsen

Your Ideas: We Use Them!

As a business, you work with plenty of different companies. When you submit feedback to vendors, what happens with your ideas and comments? Are they considered or thrown to the side?

Red Wing Software records ideas and suggestions given to us by customers. Each one is entered into a database and sorted by subject. We read every one of the comments when we create the updates for Red Wing Software accounting software and payroll software products.

When it comes time to improve our software, we prioritize customer feedback by the most requested and impactful. Customer comments are what we use to shape and improve our products. 100%.

So if you are a Red Wing Software customer wondering whether your opinion counts, please be aware that your opinion is what matters most to us and the future of Red Wing Software products.