Customers in the News

Customer: Will-O-Crest of Clifton Springs, NY, and Dutch Hollow Farm of Schodack Landing, NY
Story: Three Farms Share their Experience Hosting a Virtual Farm Tour
Publisher: Progressive Dairy, March 12, 2021 Issue
What the story is about: Both of these customers are featured in this story where farmers share their own experiences from hosting virtual farm tours.
Customer: Roger Murray of Farm Credit East ACA, Enfield, Connecticut
Story: Benchmarking your Way to Higher Profits
Publisher: Hoard’s Dairyman, March 2021 Issue
What the story is about: Murray goes over the four basic steps needed for higher profits.

Customers in the News

Customer: Blue Star Dairy, Middleton, Wisconsin
Story: Milk Quality is an Everyday Endeavor
Publisher: Hoard’s Dairyman, January 25th, 2021 Issue
What the story is about: Various dairy farmers share their thoughts on how to keep milk quality consistent.
Customer: AgChoice Farm Credit, Hunker, Pennsylvania and Y-Run Farms LLC, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
Story: Risk Management has Many Perspectives, Tools
Publisher: Progressive Dairy, February 7, 2021 issue
What the story is about: Farmers share their thoughts about risk management on the farm and share some of their own related stories.

Available for CenterPoint® Payroll: Employee Training/Certification Tracking and OSHA

The Employee Education & Training module is available for CenterPoint Payroll. This optional module keeps track of training and certifications earned by employees. Track training completion and expiration dates as well as additional notes. All training and certification information is tracked and stored within the module.
There is also a Work-Related Injuries/Illnesses (OSHA) module available for CenterPoint Payroll. This is used to track information about employee injuries and illnesses, specific details regarding the incident, treatment, and workers' compensation claims. The Employee Work-Related Injury and Illness Summary report allows you to report on the information entered into the module.


2020 Year-End Tax Forms

As the end of 2020 approaches, we would like to suggest the forms, perforated paper, and envelopes that you may need to purchase for processing W-2s, 1099s, and ACA forms (for CenterPoint Payroll only). Forms, perforated paper, and envelopes can be purchased from Computer Forms, Inc. at, by calling 800-458-0158, or by clicking the Order Checks and Forms icon on the Red Wing Software website. All 2020 forms are 25% off until December 31, 2020 (use promotion code RWCFITD when ordering).
From the Computer Forms, Inc. website, select Tax Forms, select the product you use, for example CenterPoint, Red Wing Payroll, or TurningPoint, and then select Order Laser W-2 Forms, Order Laser 1099 Forms, or Order ACA-1095 Forms (for CenterPoint only) to display the W-2, 1099 or ACA forms, perforated paper, and envelopes.
Note: The W-2 and 1099 forms (excluding the Federal Red Copy) can be printed on the same plain perforated paper (if you choose to order the blank perforated paper with no backer instructions) and use the same envelope. You can print the W-2 and 1099 forms on plain paper, but the IRS recommends the forms be printed on perforated paper. The W-3 can be printed on blank plain paper.