The Person Behind the Voice – Ron Delaney

My name is Ron Delaney and I work in Technical Support. In March, I celebrated my seven year anniversary at Red Wing Software. It is my second time working for the company. I worked here from 1981-1985, when Red Wing Software was just starting. I then spent over 20 years working for two other companies in Red Wing. The computers and software have changed drastically over the years, but the one thing that has not changed is Red Wing Software’s dedication to providing excellent customer service. Currently, I support users in TurningPoint and Red Wing Payroll, and I am starting to assist users with CenterPoint Payroll.

I work from home two days a week and recently updated my home office to have a treadmill desk. I am slowly working on being able to walk, talk and use a mouse at the same time. When I am on the phone, I stop walking so I can concentrate on talking and using the mouse. It is a learning process and I hope with time, I will be able to accomplish all three tasks at the same time.

Outside of work, I enjoy golfing, which can be quite relaxing if you can ignore all of the bad shots and other things that can occur on the golf course. I have been golfing over 25 years and have learned that it is a sport that teaches honor and integrity. There are no referees on the course to tell you if you need a penalty - it is something that you have to acknowledge and force yourself to play the game properly. I have been involved in a men’s team league for the past 13 years and I have golfed with a group of friends every Tuesday (weather permitting) for 15 years.

Ron Delaney

Ron and two different views of his home office.