April is Records and Information Management Month

April just so happens to be “Records and Information Management Month,” a holiday created in 1995 by the ARMA International, which is a professional association that emphasizes the significance of document and information management, and its impact on business worldwide. In honor of Records and Information Management Month, here are two ways to keep your accounting and/or payroll software records safe.

Menu level security

Menu level security allows you to password protect databases, set up additional users, and track transactions entered by each user. You can also limit access to menu selections, so that an employee can only access the screens you allow. Using menu level security helps keep your data safe, while allowing employees access to the screens they need to perform their job.

Create and test backups often

Everyone keeps bugging you about making sure you get backups often. Don’t you wish they would just quit bugging you? Well, they are right. We are a software company providing support to our customers nationwide, and we see the unthinkable happen far too often: customers losing their data, partially or totally. The reasons for the loss of data are varied, but the inability to recover that data is due to the lack of a backup, or a backup that was never tested and doesn’t work. Just like so many other things, most businesses think it won’t happen to them. But it can. So take your backup and test it often.

Oh, and happy Records and Information Management Month!