Be Ready For Change

Just in case you haven’t realized it yet, having good financial records and taking tight control of your business is more important now than ever. It is important to watch carefully and make adjustments to your business and personal life to compensate for the things happening around you. As Financial Consultant Roy Ferguson points out in a newsletter, you should be PTP (poised to pounce). Have you built your business on strong, sound, financial decisions, and built a reserve so you are in a position to take advantage of opportunities that might only be available for a short period of time?

Our job at Red Wing Software is to provide you with the tools to track and analyze your business investment. We can supply the tools, but we all have to use those tools to keep close tabs on what’s happening within the business. Do the reports you have been running show that you have been profitable for that few months, or are they telling you that you should be making changes in your business to make it better? What happens inside your business has a much greater effect on your success than outside forces.