Single Subject Training

New live Single Subject Training sessions are now being offered. These sessions are designed to provide detailed information about a specific subject. Live sessions last 1-3 hours and are presented by an experienced Red Wing Software instructor. Participants join a scheduled session with other Red Wing Software users. If you attend a live Single Subject Training session, you receive 30-day access to a session recording. Gold Customer Care Members have unlimited access to the recordings.
You can view and register for all available sessions by clicking here or clicking the session link below.
H-2A Workflow for CenterPoint Payroll
  Monday, July 29, 2024
9:30 am – 11:30 am
Cost: $59.00
Crop Harvest Entries for CenterPoint Accounting for Agriculture
  Tuesday, August 27, 2024
9:30 am – 11:30 am
Price: $59.00
Red Wing Software offers recorded Single Subject Training videos as well as live Single Subject training sessions. The recorded sessions can be purchased with 30-day access and viewed as many times as you like during the 30 days, giving you the flexibility to access training at any point from anywhere! You can view and purchase all available recorded sessions by clicking here. Gold Customer Care Members have unlimited access to the recordings.

Learn with our Revamped YouTube Page!

We’ve revamped the Red Wing Software YouTube page! You can now find all Red Wing Software Help videos on the YouTube channel, organized by product and searchable by name and subject. These videos will also continue to be available in the product Help section. They will be added and maintained in both places.
YouTube makes it easier to find videos with easy organization tools like playlists, product categories, and excellent search tools. It also suggests other videos based on what you’ve watched.
There is also a selection of videos that help you understand new features and how they work and a section at the top of the page highlights newer videos.
Check out the Red Wing Software YouTube page, subscribe, and hit the ‘reminder bell’ to be updated when new videos are added!
Red Wing Software YouTube Page

Notes from the President

Ken Hilton - President Red Wing Software

This month marks our 45th business anniversary. I credit this longevity to many things, and the ones that stand out are:
Our amazing staff and the service they provide our customers. Whether it’s the people who answer the phone, provide front-line sales and support, or work behind the scenes to provide great products, documentation, and marketing materials, they live our mission: “Creating the Best Management Software Experience.” With our average tenure of over 22 years, we have very experienced talent who typically stays with us until retirement.
Our business partners help us support our customers and provide insight into making our products even more valuable to the companies that rely on the best information to help manage their business.
And, of course, our customers. We would be nowhere without our loyal customers, who have helped us thrive for so many years. Many have been with us since the early eighties, supporting us as we have grown. We value all our customers, especially those who challenge us to be better at what we do.
Since 1979, technology and the markets we serve have undergone myriad changes. Many software companies have come and gone, but we pride ourselves on continuing to take the best possible care of our team members, partners, and customers. Thank you all for being there for us.