Notes from the President

Ken Hilton - President Red Wing Software

Cautious, but not fearful. I was having a conversation recently with our Red Wing Software CEO, Jim, and as often happens during these times, the subject of the pandemic came up. We discussed how we felt about the risk of contracting the virus and what steps we were taking to protect ourselves and others.
His response was he was “cautious but not fearful.” I thought that was a great attitude toward the pandemic, and many other things in life and business. When thinking about personal purchasing decisions and or major life-changing decisions, after doing the appropriate research, and making your decision, be cautious, but not fearful of your choice.
When making business decisions, such as taking on a new venture, investing in new modern equipment, or deciding when it’s time to hire additional employees, again, after doing the appropriate budgeting for the new project, evaluations of the new equipment, and interviewing and selecting the right people, move forward, and be cautious but not fearful.